Friends of the Stanhope Schoolhouse

Over 100 volunteers ranging from teens to retired adults have provided over 2,500 hours working to restore and promote the schoolhouse.

They have cleaned out the interior; repaired the roof and replaced some exterior wood; painted part of the exterior; replaced interior walls, ceiling, electric service; restored windows on the inside; painted the interior; restored the floor; worked on cleaning up the landscaping; provided a social media presence; restored and set up the display case, organized books, and researched old newspapers. Supplies for these projects have been paid by the schoolhouse project through fundraising efforts, private donations, memorial gifts and grants.

Here are just some of the many volunteers, business donors and contributors that support this project. 


John Bebelheimer
Dan Bode
Brad Bowers and his volunteer team
Lutrell Bowers
Century House Antiques
Christopher Cooper
Keith Copland
Kevin Derfler
Madison Derfler
Scott Derfler 
Anne DiLorenzo
Meredith Eichner
Mike Galavage
Girl Scout Troop 70002 from Myerstown
Tony Gurski, Jr 
Donald Hoffman
Larry Hoffman
Phil Hoffman
Tina Keefer
Sandy Kemmerling
Janet Krammes
Josh Krammes
Jane Kruse
Kutztown University Communication Design
    Department Designathon students
Joe Lescavage
Rick Madiera
Jeremy McGrath and his volunteer team
Alice Melnicove
Janet (Lengel) Miller
Linda S. Mills
Mike Moyer
Erin Reynolds
Reanna Reynolds
Dr. Robert Reynolds
Barbara Sholl 
Steve Sholl
Cheryl Schneck
Joan Schwer
Kenny Snyder
George Stralkus
Team Orwigsburg
Dave Thompson
Patricia (Lengel) Weckle
Terry Winters
Betty (Zimmerman) Wolfe
John Ziegler

Item Donors

Veronica Backenstoe
Bruce & Amy Boyer
Mike Bowers
Loretta Brugger
Kevin Derfler
Terry Derfler
Tom Dillman
Ann Donley & George Grasic
Bob Donmoyer
Barbara Hikes & mother Gladys (Balthaser) Luckenbill
John Keesey
Jane Kruse
Linda S. Mills
William Mindler
Pam Morgan
Chantal Moyer
Mike Moyer
Gertrude Pezzoli 
Salem Potts
Nancy Yocum Schaeffer
Sandra Shadler & Henry Trumbo
Terry Winters

Business Donors

Attorney Rossi of Zane & Rossi
Bartash Signs
Century House Antiques
Fisher Welding & Fabrication
Friendensburg Country Restaurant
Hoss's Steak & Sea House - Cressona
Main Street Enterprises
Potts & Monger Sanitation
Rada Cutlery
Red Lion Cafe
Schuylkill County Historical Society
Schuylkill Gives
Solar Innovations
Werner Lumber Company  

Financial Contributors

Rick Albani & Rose Kobylinski
Anthem Foundation
Veronica Backenstoe
Betty Bressler
Ann Chui
Kevin Derfler
Karen Derr
Digna Cassens
Dollars for Doers
Mary Donch
Becky Dorner
Diane Everett
Friends of Girl Scouting
Cindy and Mamud Feior 
Mandy Fitzpatrick
Barbara Fletcher
Angela Frank
David Grotto
Tina Keefer
Renee Kowal
Shirley Koenig
Karen Lubrecht
Thomas Marie
Marilyn Marles
Susan McCartney
Alice Melnicove
Memorial Contributions for Bill Mindler
    and Charles D. Keefer, Sr.

Financial Contributors

Linda L. Miller
Linda S. Mills
Joe Montgomery
Ray Moyer
Operation Hugs & Kisses
Gertrude Pezzoni 
Pine Grove Township
Betty Pelton
Rada Cutlery
Red Lion Cafe
Ann Reynolds
Anne Rinehimer
Sharon & Seburn Woods
Schuylkill Area Community Foundation
Schuylkill County Historical Society
Schuylkill Gives
Snayberger Memorial Foundation
Joseph Stolarick
Keith Thomas
Jean Waitkaitis
Marah Walsh
Alice Weaver
Mary Weaver
Leah Zerbe
Dianne and Terry Zimmerman

The Stanhope Schoolhouse, a project of the Pinegrove Historical Society, is grateful to the Schuylkill Area Community Foundation for awarding us a grant in 2024 from the Charles Werner Endowment Fund.
More information regarding Mr. Werner can be found at

The Stanhope Schoolhouse, a project of the Pinegrove Historical Society, is grateful to the Snayberger Memorial Foundation for awarding us a grant in 2023. Since 1976, this foundation gives primarily for organizations that benefit the youth of Schuylkill County.

The Stanhope Schoolhouse, a project of the Pinegrove Historical Society, is grateful to the Charitable Doner-Advised Fund for awarding a grant from the Bustelo Family Foundation for 2024 projects.

These financial contributions will assist with the ongoing projects and community program efforts of the schoolhouse.

The Stanhope Schoolhouse is a project of the Pinegrove Historical Society

Chartered in 1989, the Society's mission is the discovery, collection, display, preservation and publication of archives and artifacts in the Pine Grove area. By doing so, the Society aims to preserve and share the area's history for current and future generations.

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